Life in the Garden Part 44: Zucchini

 I mentioned before that the zucchini is doing fairly well.  That's fortunate because the GF is a big fan of it.

I started this year's zucchini from seed and got it outdoors in May.  I'm growing some plants in and Earthbox and others in terra cotta.  They're both producing at decent levels.  Each week, I can harvest at least 5-6 baby zukes and some really big ones.

These are the ones I harvested on 2010-07-21.  

I sliced them up:

I coated them with salt, pepper, and oil (at the direction of The GF (it turns out I did it wrong -- I was supposed to oil the grill, not the zukes.  Oops. ) (my expertise ends when they are no longer attached to the plant)).  Then I tossed them on the grill.

We ended up with some tasty and healthful (if unattractive) snacks. 

Perhaps next year, I'll add one more zucchini plant to the mix.  Enough so we don't run out -- not so much that we get sick of them.


Chubskulit Rose said...

That looks yummy, I never tried grilling a zucchini but thanks for giving me an idea hehehe..

Vera said...

This is simple enough to prepare and a very healthy treat. Are zucchinis the same as cucumbers? Thanks! :)