A use for Skymall

I scored an exit row window seat with an empty middle for a recent flight to Atlanta.  That's about as good a seat as I can get if I'm in coach.  It was an early morning flight (it left at 6:00 AM) and most folks were trying to sleep.  I was working on a few projects and staring at my laptop screen.

The flight attendants asked us to lower our window shades for those who still wanted to nap or were watching the in flight entertainment. When she asked me, I point to my window.

There was no shade in my window on the exit door. Apparently, she's had this problem before and suggested a magazine.  Before long, I had MacGyver'ed a solution.  Sure, the frame almost popped out of the widow (just the cosmetic frame) but it worked and kept most of the bright sun out.


I'm not sure how many Federal Air Regulations that violates, but who am I to complain.  After all, it did make it dark

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