Wasting time because there's none to waste

Some days I struggle with what to write here. It's a pointless struggle, but it's not for lack of content.

I have at least another 15 posts about my trip to Japan -- stories I feel I need to tell.  I have 5 more book reviews sitting in the hopper just waiting for me to turn quotes into content before I forget the book.  I have policy proposals for the new Congress to take up. There are events in Seattle to comment on, and pictures from scenic vistas around the state to share. There are auto upgrades to show, and there are garden stories to tell.

The problem is that that any of those posts may take an hour or more to write. Many evenings I just don't have an hour to work on a post.  I put one of those I've been meaning to write on hold so I can write something quick for now, and come back to the longer project later.  This way, I can do something in 15-20 minutes, instead of 60 minutes.

So I sit down at the keyboard and start working on that shorter post that I don't actually have an idea for yet, but I know it will be shorter because I just can't give the "bigger" post the attention it deserves.  I'll get to that when I have more time.

And yet in an attempt to save that 60 minutes, I'll instead spend 30-45 minutes trying to come up with a topic, then finally come up with one, and spend another 30-40 minutes writing it.

In other words, my time saving effort usually saves me a negative-ten minutes.

Two days later, I'll go through the same process again.

Sound familiar?


onslowcontainer.com said...

Good to know that you plan your work and time, Time management is one thing that every individual has to learn and manage it effectively.

Unknown said...

Sounds very familiar to me.

Liz Makes More Money said...

Haha. We share the same sentiments. Err, I mean I also experience that most of the time. Not to mention that I have so many blogs and I don't know which one should get updated first!