Episode 061 -- Prewire and Bad Boss Advice

2-Minute Tip: Prewire your big meetings


I first learned about the idea of Prewiring a meeting from the folks at Manager Tool. Check out their podcast for a deeper discussion. I also talked about it in the early days of this 2-Minute Talk Tips in Episode 7 (Empty Your Pockets and Prepare Your Audience).


Basically, to prewire your audience before a big proposal, meet with your stakeholders one-on-one to brief them on what you want to do, get their feedback, address their concerns, and answer their questions in the days and weeks leading up to your presentation.


By doing so, you increase your odds of success because everyone is better prepared for the discussion.



Post Tip Discussion: Bad Boss Advice


When your boss gives you bad advice about speaking, what should you do? Generally, comply.


You may want  to dig a little deeper. Ask for more information about the advice. Try to understand the context and details around it. What is the problem your boss hopes to address with this advice? Is there a more effective way that you can accomplish the same goal? There may be an opportunity for discussion here.


But you have to be prepared to comply and do things the "wrong" way if your boss insists. Doing otherwise is likely to be counter-productive if your goal is to stay employed and stay in your bosses good graces. If you're not comfortable with complying, then perhaps it's time to leave that organization.


Bosses also need to be mindful about the advice they give. A casual thought or some simple thinking-out-loud may be perceived by an employee as an order or policy change, and that can get ugly.


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  • Have you gotten bad advice from a boss? How did you handle it? Tell us about it in the comments here.
  • Are you a boss who's had an employee take a suggestion too seriously? Tell us what happened here.
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  • Prewire your next big meeting.
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