Episode 063 -- PowerPoint Online Photos and 6 Observations

2-Minute Tip: Use PowerPoint Online Photos


PowerPoint has some great tools for sourcing images online. In the version for Windows that comes as part of Office 365 (and possibly other versions), PowerPoint content layout frames include an option to insert online images. If you are working without layouts, you can reach this same function through the Insert menu.


PowerPoint Image search for fire


Once you choose that option, you will get a search box that includes categories of photos, drawings, and graphics, along with the search option.  Type your search term and PowerPoint will use either Bing Image search or OneDrive search functions to find the pictures you need. It searches for images that folks are generally allowed to use under a Creative Commons license. Simply click the image you want, and it drops right onto your slide.


Now there is no excuse not to use graphics in your slides.


Post Tip Discussion: 6 Observations From a Talk


I spoke to a stroke support group recently. I had several weeks to prepare so my discussion went through a variety of iterations. Through that process I made 6 observations.

  1. PowerPoint has good templates if you search.
  2. Iterating during the outline phase is important.
  3. Listing/Sourcing images before building slides helps.
  4. Watch out for dark graphics.
  5. Filter words vary by context.
  6. You don't know what you have until the audience hears it.

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