Episode 072 -- 5 Lessons from Stroke Recovery

This week began with my 2nd 2nd Birthday. June 3 was 2 years since my stroke. I shared some thoughts earlier in the week in Facebook live here. In this episode, I expand on those concepts and share 5 lessons I've learned about stroke recovery.

5 Lessons on Stroke Recovery

  1. Repetition is important to learning.
  2. Life is full of puzzles.
  3. I am responsible for my own recovery.
  4. [YAWN] Sleep is under appreciated.
  5. Stop and celebrate the wins.

Jim Boggia

I was listening to an interview with Jim Boggia on Meredith Harper's Ukelele is the New Black podcast. If you're not familiar with Jim's work, check out these videos. He is an amazing ukelele and guitar player whom I've had the pleasure of seeing many times on the JoCo Cruise.

Meredith let me share a clip from her interview in this episode where Jim talks about doing the work to learn to play the guitar as a kid. It was about trying and trying and getting a little closer until one day you can do it.

That story reminded me a lot of what we do in stroke recovery. We work at it again and again to build new connections in the brain until it finally happens.

You can find the whole interview here.


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And here are some examples of Jim Boggia's work






Hack of the week

My conversation with Gianna Rojas from a few months back is the gift that keeps on giving. This week, we share Gianna's strategy for clipping and painting the finger nails on the one hand that has fingers.

Instead of trying to move a fingernail clipper, she keeps it on the counter, and squeezes it with her other arm.

She uses a similar strategy to paint her nails. Instead of bringing the polish to her fingernails, she brings her finger nails to the polish.


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