Episode 117 -- Understanding Audience Needs with Kim Baillie

2-Minute Tip: Practice Breathing


Breathing is, of course, an essential step in speaking. After all, it's how we make sounds. But it's more than that.


Getting adequate air into our lungs calms us down. It helps us counter act the nerves many speakers experience. It ensures our brain has the oxygen it needs to stay on task. And it enhances the volume and confidence with which we speak.


To practice breathing:

  1. Place 2 hands on your chest so your fingers barely touch.
  2. Inhale deeply until your fingers separate.
  3. Exhale
  4. Repeat 4 more times


Do this exercise 5 times a day for several weeks and your body will get used to breathing in a way that  maximizes effectiveness in speaking


Post Tip Discussion:  Meet Kim Baillie



Kim Baille fell into public speaking, like many of us do,  by simply not hating it. In many fields, being willing to speak means that colleagues will ask us to speak


Kim lives in Australia where she acquired her 30 years of experience coaching engineers, architects, senior executives, and now floral designers in public speaking. Her focus is combining their expert knowledge with practical tips to increase their impact as presenters of information.


Kim cohosts the Inside-Exec Podcast with Fulyana Orsborn, a former Citigroup Executive and wealth management expert. Together they help today's corporate executives learn from managers outside the traditional corporate world.


Pre Speech Warm-Up


Kim talked about doing vocal warmups before going on stage. This is probably more common among singers and voice actors. It's helpful for speakers, too, because you still need to tune your instrument.


To me the real value, though, is in how it shifts your mindset. It puts you in a position to go out and speak. It's a ritual that helps you refocus your mental energy on the speech you are about to deliver.


And when it successfully does that, it has the added benefit of knocking down the nerves


Inside-Exec Podcast


Kim talked about one of the most popular episodes of her podcast.


That episode is called "What are the similarities between elite athletes and executives?"


Kim and Fulyana interviewed triathletes Josh and Krystle Hockley. You can listen to the episode  here.




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