Episode 118 — Quit Asking for Permission with Logan Rena

2-Minute Tip: Mine Social Media for Stories


We talk a lot about the importance of storytelling in talks. And I’m sure many of us have seen speakers who have a story for everything. How do you do that?


Review your social media. We tell stories throughout our day on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and a variety of other platforms. Then we often forget them.


So next time you need a story go ahead and mine your own social media to find some good ones. It’s likely filled with moments you wanted to remember and share. And those are the good stories.


Post Tip Discussion: Meet Logan Rena


Logan Rena Headshot

Logan Rena is just overflowing with energy, enthusiasm, and self-discipline.

Her approach to life is about not asking for permission. But it’s not in a reckless manner. In fact, it’s highly disciplined because once you no longer ask for permission then you become responsible for your actions at a much deeper level.


Logan Renā is the Chief Creative Director of The Logan Design Project Affirmation Clothing company and author of the #1 New Released book, Never Ask For Permission Again. Logan’s heart work is taking women on a journey of self-love, self-awareness and self-care through speaking engagements, The Logan Rena Show on YouTube and through the SoulKation podcast.




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