Episode 119 — Staying in Your Lane with Chandler Walker

2-Minute Tip: Stay in Your Line


When on stage, there’s pressure to have all the answers — to be the expert. And when we’re talking about the area of our expertise.


What do we do we aren’t the expert though?


There’s a lot of power in saying, “I don’t know. I’ll get back to you.”


Know what you can speak about and know what you shouldn’t speak about. Focus on your lane and the audience will respect you more.


Post Tip Discussion: Meet Chandler Walker


There’s a temptation when we speak to throw more and more information at an audience. We see this manifest in unreadable slides; long, boring talks; and few opportunities for Q&A or other audience interaction. And I get it.


In the corporate world, we are under pressure to cover all the material possible to maximize the value of the audience’s time. Or we may have multiple sponsors for our talk who want to make sure we include all of “their” material.


The problem is when we focus on everything, we focus on nothing. We disregard the fact that the audience needs to take away something. It doesn’t matter if we say all the stuff if it doesn’t inspire the audience to do something with it.




Chandler Walker holds his baby daughter on the beach.

Candler Walker’s tip about staying in your lane is important. It’s not about “knowing your place.” It’s about being comfortable with where you can add value and where you can’t. As we go through today’s discussion, you’ll see that. You’ll also see how he questions his audience to continue understanding how he can add value.


Chandler Walker has built a personal brand that has catapulted him to the keynote stage, fireside chats and corporate speeches. He’s spoken in the US, Australia, The Netherlands, and Canada. He also hosts the Chan’s Logic Podcast.




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