Bar 14 bars my salad

When I first moved to Seattle, my job had me driving all over the Northwest. Any time I drove to Spokane or Boise, I stopped at the Bar 14 Restaurant in Ellensburg, WA. I did that for one reason.

The Smoked Chicken Caesar Salad.

This was the best salad I had ever had. The chicken had a great smoky flavor. The dressing was thick and rich. The lettuce was crispy (though that's hard to screw up). It was the perfect flavor for the road. And I could even pretend it was healthy.

So tonight I was looking forward to it as I drove my rental car from Kennewick to Seattle.

I sat down at the Bar 14 for the first time in more than four years. The waitress handed me a menu and plunked a large coffee pot on my table. She walked away, and I opened up the menu. The excitement quickly faded from my face as a I scanned the salad list. My beloved Smoked Chicken Caesar Salad wasn't there. I asked the waitress and she confirmed they got rid of it a a few years back.

I ended up having a ham, turkey, cheese, and tomato melt with fries. It was very good but not why I was there.

The coffee was still good. The sandwhich was good, and the people are great.

But unfortunately I have to downgrade the Bar 14 from, "Oh my God. You HAVE to stop there," to, "It's a nice place if you're hungry."

I'm sure this declaration of mine will make restaurateurs tremble throughout the state.


Daisy said...

I am sorry you were disappointed. :(

Anonymous said...

the nerve of them!

I hate when restaurants remove the reason I go to them from the menu. Boston Pizza got rid of my favourite pasta - haven't found another I like near as well.

Sandi said...

I really hate it when this happens. My favorite resaurant sold out and closed. I can't really get my mind around the idea I'll never eat that food again. =/

Anonymous said...

I know the feeling. I took a trip to Reno to a little place I hadn't visited in almost 15 years and wanted the luscious patty melt I would always order. Off the menu, I almost cried. The burger was good though.

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Try stopping at the Buzz Inn the next time you are in E-Burg. Take a left, instead of a right when you exit. It has a great chicken cesar salad. They also do soup and chili in a sourdough bread bowl that is to die for.

Preston said...

It's on your "Oh my God. You HAVE to stop there" list and you haven't been there for FOUR years? No wonder they stopped serving your salad. It was probably just to spite you. LOL

Mike Golch said...

I hate being disapointed when you can not find something that you had your mouth set for.

Anonymous said...

aw no, I hate when that happens! The way you described it was making me hungry, too.