Can I call you Joe? Notes on the debate

Like many Americans, I watched the VP debate hoping for some sort of trainwreck. Unfortuantely, it wasn't quite that entertaining; both candidates did a very good job.

I thought about writing up a fascinating, deep analysis of the debate and the implications the candidates' positions have for the future of the country. I was going to publish a missive that would either sway the nation, or get lost in the mass of similar such missives.

Then I has the idea of giving everyone insight into my debate watching process of watching the debate unfold through my raw notes. This would become some sort of meta-analysis of the blogging of the rhetorical process.

Either that or I wanted to get to be earlier.

But a little encouragement was all it took (thanks, LDK) so here are the raw notes.

6:03: Can I call you joe?

6:04: Gov, it's a pleasur ot meet you

Went right to Obama's plan

6:05 go to a kids soccer game?

6:06 Mccain sounded warning bell two years ago
Suppsort mccains

Cited Campaign suspension?

6:07: Bidne asked to respond to pla

Kept citeing McCain's saying Ecomony was great

6:08: Palin said mcaidn was talking about the work force
Goes to her record as gov

Track record of reform

96% of obama supports the party

Americans craving something new and different

6:09: blamed the predatory lenders for problem

Greed and corruption on wall street

Demand stinct oversight form federal govt

Don't get our selves in debt (spiked on the CNN meter

6:11: obama warned two years ago, while obama warned, mccaing said he was always for cutting regs

Jon want to deregulat healtcare like he did banking

6:13: Obama supported hihger taxes 94 times

6:14: Called out govern on the votes track record

6:14: said she wouldn't answer the questions the mod or biden wanted

6:15: not tac warere to raise tax abve 250k it's fairlness

6:16: saiys mccain want 350b tax cuts for business

6:17: says small business pay more taxes

6:18: invoked reagan = gov't is problem

$5K med ins tax credit is budget neutral?

20: busget netutral by taxes health care benefits

"ultimate bridge to nowhere"

6:21: what will you cut due to the crisis?

Biden slow down foreing aid
Oppose corporate tax cuts

Cannot skimp on energy
Cannot skimp on education
Won't slow up on healthcare

Cut wastefull spending

100b tax dodge that allows people to take their post office box off shore

6:23: obama voted for oil bonuses a few years ago.

Thinks she overrode fed tax policy?

I havne't promised anything so there's nothing for me to cut

Obama voted for the bill to suppot alt energy funding
Obama opposed cuts in early bvotes but had to support the whole thing
McCain supported cuts the whole time
Palin supporte windfall taxin al maybe she can convinve mccain

6:27: starts rambling about toxic mess?

6:28: obama said there was sub prime crissi 2 years ago

What we should be doing now is letting bankruptcy courts adjust principal and interest

I bleeive Mcain and go oppose that

6:29: goes back to energy

Focus on independence

East coast politicaisn don't let us tap into the resources

6:30: what is happenign with climate change

Alaska knows it is real both cyclical and man's impact

6:32: if you don't understand the cause you can't come up with a solution

3% of reserves 20% of use

McCain opposed clean fuel

Obama believes in safe nuclear and clean coal

McCain voted 20 times agianst it

6:35: palin said bidne referred to of shore drilling as raping the earth

6:36: support same sex benefits

6:37: won't support actual gay marriage
Benefits okay, don't go down that road
Will be tolerant
I have a idverse familiy and group of friends

6:39: Biden leave it the faiths

6:40: presurge numbers?

6:41: with all due respect I did not hear a plan

Our plan is the one iraq prez and bush are negotiatin

As for not voting for funding, mccain voted the same way

CNN lines spike on bidne discussing the iraq surplus and

6:42: Your plan is a surrender

6:43: you would run with mccain, and you said obama would not be ready to be commander in chief

6:45: mccain siad oil would pay sunnis and shiites would get along

Pakistan has nuke now

6:46: threat is in the hills of afghan and pakistan

6:47: I would believe petraus and that leader of alqeada

"The Castro brothers"

6:50: Achmandinajan does not control Iran

Our friends and allies have been saying sit down and talk

After 5 years bush finally sent a diplomat to meet with Iran

McCain said he would not even sit down with the govt of Spain

6:53: Rice is now trying to turn around a failed Isreal policy

6:54: Huge blunders throughout this admisnistration
Huge blunder in the war

Cites her reform efforts
Putting particsianship aside

6:56: I haven't heard how his policy will be different from Bush's
great rant

6:57: Palin --Surge principles need to be implementin Afghanistan that's how we're different from Bush
Dodge nukes

6:58: commanding general said Iraq surge will not work in Afghanistan

6:59: spent more in three weeks in iraqus = 6.5 years in afghanistan

7:01: Americna public has a appetite for success

Bosnia worked
Voted for iraq war because the president wanted the power not to go to the wra
I was right on iraq

We can impose a no fly in Darfur
We can lead NATO in Sudan
We should rally the world to act

Support heleicpters to get troops to there

Palin -- we agree on Darfur

Wesupported pulled as permanent fund out of sudan

7:05: where is the line
Can e do anythign about it?
Genocide and harboring terrorism means we can intervenee

Tied mccain to cheney, not just Bush

7:08: I would carry out Obama's policies

7:09: as a team of maverick we wouldn't agreee on everything

I would continue his good work

7:12: shout outs to friends?

7:16: agre with Cheny that VP is not executive branch then touts her executive expereince

7:18: my connection to the heartland of america is key?

7:22: he's bipartisn because of how many republicans support him

7:23: he's no maverick on things that matter

7:30: National Security Freedoms?


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I agree that she held her own, and from your notes, it seems like you might have been thinking the same thing as you wrote them? Watching her just makes me nervous, so I only watched parts of the speech, but what I saw was that I can definitely say I don't ever want her to be #2 and certainly not Prez. She is way out of her league, and everyone knows it but her.

Anonymous said...

I have lots of comments to make, but I'll narrow it down. Palin made me nervous also because she seemed nervous and hesitant in many of her answers except for the ones she was well preped for.

I simply am scared of the idea that she could be V.P. or President. Foreign affairs, the budget and the war alone would seem way out of her league. Biden knows his way around. Palin doesn't understand foreign affairs (well, neither do I). Given both of their demeanors last night alone, Palin would scare me in any type of negotiations.

Anonymous said...

Glad I could help ;-)
Thanks for letting us get an insight into your brain and note taking process. Fascinating.

Anonymous said...

That woman just freaks me out... I'm sorry to all the Palin supporters out there, but the more she talks, the more incompetent she seems...

Alicia aka "Fashiona" said...

seriously she was drilled for days on end and still wasn't that great. she was clearly scripted and biden was very gracious.

cute recap though