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On The Futility Of Signs
Pizza/Arcade Combo | Flagstaff, AZ, USA

(One customer complains about a game that is not giving tickets. Upon looking at the game, I discover that a fuse is blown. I place several “Out of Order” stickers over the coin slot and refund the customer. Two minutes later another customer approaches.)

Customer: “I just put a coin in this game and won tickets but none came out.”

Me: “I placed an ‘Out of Order’ sticker on the coin slot. Is it not on there anymore?”

Customer: “You mean these? They were in the way so I removed them. Can I get a refund?”

One of my favorite blogs is Not Always Right. It's a collection of stupid customer stories submitted by salespeople, customer service reps, tech support, waiters, and other service industry employees. They send in their favorite (or most miserable) customer stories.

And they are hysterical.

If you work with the pubic now, or have worked with them in in past, you will have a special appreciation for these tales.

Some of these stories may stretch credulity, but I've spent enough time in customer service that little surprises me.

They usually post three new ones each day. It's worth a visit.


Anonymous said...

That's really damn funny. People find new ways to do stupid things every day, don't they?

Anonymous said...

Gotta love customers... I really don't miss working in hospitality!!