Boeing Dreamlifter at PDX

A couple years ago, I wrote about the Ugliest Plane in the World. It was a converted Boeing 747 that Boeing planned to use to haul parts of the new 787 Dreamliner from factories around the world to the Boeing plant in Everett. There are actually four of these behemoths.

It's big. It dwarfs a regular 747. Which makes sense since it's job is to spit out parts of new wide bodies.

This is how it looked back then:
Well, she actually cleans up pretty well. Here she is at the Portland (PDX) airport over this past weekend:

I shot these pictures from Marine Drive, just north of the airport. They're not great shots, but I was glad I had my zoom lens.

Actually, I was pretty surprised to her. I didn't know the Dreamlifter made trips to PDX.


Mike Golch said...

nice photos.thanks for sharing them.

Perky said...

Wow. She's really huge!! But am glad that they gave her a facelift.

Book Calendar said...

That is really cool. I liked the idea of the Boeing Dreamliner, I did not know they had a "Dreamlifter" to carry around the parts to make the Dreamliner.