Joss Whedon's Dr Horrible is Awesome

Any dolt with half a brain

Can see that humankind has gone insane

To the point where I don’t know

If I’ll upset the status quo

If I throw poison in the water main

Sure, I'm a few months late getting on the Dr. Horrible band wagon, but that doesn't change the fact that this is very cool.

Dr. Horrible is a web base musical Created by Joss Whedon. Neil Patrick Harris plays the lead role of the villain trying to get into the Evil League of Evil, pull off a major heist, and figure out how to talk to girls.

Each of the three parts runs about 15 minutes and you can watch it for free at Hulu.com or at DrHorrible.com. You can also purchase it on iTunes and watch it on your iPod.

I expected something mildly entertaining, with Whedon's trademark wit. It exceeded my expectations. The story starts out simply enough, but quickly develops additional layers about the nature of good & evil, socio-economic problems, what it means to be heroic, the nature of achieving one's dreams, nerd shyness, and bullies. And the end (both plot and flavor) came as a complete surprise to me. Yet is couldn't end any other way.

This is not just a rehash of Once More with Feeling. Whedon's style has evolved and grown as he's gained more experience with alternative media.

While Firefly was awesome, Whedon sometimes lost the flavor of the show and a chunk of text better sutied to Buffy or Angel would slip in. That doesn't happen with Dr. Horrible.

Dr. Horrible is also a great experiment in the world of new media. As TV and movie artists start experimenting with web as a primary medium instead of just striking over it as a supporting medium, there will be quite a learning curve. Whedon is already attacking that curve.

One top of that, Dr. Horrible is just plain fun to listen to. Now I have to get the soundtrack.

If you you like musicals, web media, comic books, or Joss Whedon, you owe it yourself to checkout Dr. Horrible.

And then sing along.


Anonymous said...

Sounds very cool - I'll have to check it out. Go Doogie Houser!

Anonymous said...

Dr Horrible is a fantastic short. I watched it numerous times during its initial release, and I can't wait for the DVD release so I can watch it all over again.

And you are quite right about Whedon tackling new media. Dr Horrible is in virgin territory, and it will be quite interesting to see what results out of this grand experiment.

*lynne* said...

hey thanks for reviewing Dr Horrible! I'd missed the webisodes when they were first released, and it seemed like I would only be bale to catch them if I forked out $$ at the iTunes store, which I won't do despite being a fan of Mr Whedon :) Figured I'd nexflix it once the DVD comes out... but you have given me a new hope!! I'll check the sites you mentioned for viewing. Thanks :)

SinSecret said...

Yes, Joss Whedon really is awesome. I haven't watched the whole thing, my boyfriend keeps pushing me to, I just keep forgetting. I've really got to. I really want to see it thanks to the two main actors. I heart Mal ^-^<333

Sin Secret

Haley H said...

I love Dr. Horrible, and pretty much anything else Joss Whedan touches -- he's a great story teller. Neil Patrick Harris was perfect for the part of Dr. Horrible, too.

I'm waiting to get the DVD before I rewatch any episodes. From what I hear, there will be lots of extras on the DVD that continue the experiment with new media.

Unknown said...

I love Dr Horrible. I bought a Tshirt with the quote "t's curtains for you Dr. Horrible. Lacy, gently wafting curtains. "

NPH is incredible as Dr Horrible.