Plan your own electoral college map

What will happen to Joe the Plumber? Now you can figure it out.

CNN is now showing Obama ahead of McCain 277 electoral vote to 174, with 87 still up for grabs.

But you can plan your own strategy for the candidates with the Electoral Map Calculator.

Visit the map here. Then click the Blank Slate link, and click on a state to assign it to a candidate.

This would have made that high school project in 1988 so much easier.

You can find previous elections here.


Preston said...

Cool little gadget.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. I lived in Charlotte, NC for ten years. That state is what you could consider consistently purple. It's always just a few percentage points from being an even split.

The city of Charlotte has had a six term Republican mayor, however the state has had Democrats as Governor almost consistently.

The problem with Charlotte is it being over 50% African American, most of whom don't care to vote. Add to that the large immigrant (non-voting) population and as the second largest banking city in America, it's no wonder it usually goes to Republicans.

However, I've hear rumors that this year NC will go blue.

We'll see.

Anonymous said...

I live in Massachusetts. It's a Democratic kind of place. McGovern even got our electoral votes in 1972 (he only got 17.)

It's a relief to me that, knock on wood, the Democrats will finally be back in the white house.

I think that this world and this country would be a lot better place right now if Gore had won in 2000.

Great link, thanks. I loved making those up for grabs states turn blue!