Bonus Appetizer

Do you every wonder if the bread plates at a restaurant table are fresh? Or do they just use they same ones for every diner?

Tonight at dinner with an old friend, I picked up picked up the clean bread plate, from the clean table, and here's what I found:

Spaghetti is no good without sauce. Fortunately, I found several teaspoons on the bottom of the plate.

Much as I appreciated this bonus gesture, it was reason enough to not order pasta for an entre.


Paul Eilers said...

Nice, eh?

My first thought was that our 18 month old son had eaten there.

Haley H said...

Well, that would just spoil my appetite. *shudder*

Anonymous said...

Suddenly, we are no longer hungry.

Unknown said...

Oh hell no! I would have thrown the biggest hissy fit you ever saw. I could not take that. I would never go back and would make the everyone in the place knew!

Anonymous said...

Yuck ... Maybe Chief Ramsey needs to go there and knock some heads!

Anonymous said...

Yuck!! Reminds me of the show..."Caught on Tape"