Hotel TVs and HD

Wide screen and HD TVs are the newest feature hotels are promoting to draw travelers in. It's great...in theory.

But they take these new TVs and then run a standard signal to the TV. To make things worse, they set the TVs to widescreen mode, even when the signal is a standard 4:3 signal. They do this so people don't have to see bars on the side of the screen. Of course, this screws everything up because the stuff on the screen in s stretched and squashed terribly.

And then they disable the settings so someone who knows what they are doing can't even fix it.

So not only do they not take advantage of the cool HD hardware, they make sure that the picture looks worse than it would on a 20 year old RCA.

Has anyone else noticed this?


Anonymous said...

I hadn't been in a hotel in a while, but I could definitely see how that would be very annoying.

Anonymous said...

I`ve noticed too. I`m not the only one huh!?1

Anonymous said...

Yes, I've noticed that. I've seen the same thing at some restaurants. Very annoying. I've even heard people who don't have widescreen TVs complain that it stretches the picture so they won't buy one.