10 Things I like about the Detroit Airport

  1. It has a Popeye's
  2. The A concourse is just silly long, but has plenty of people movers and a train.
  3. The tunnel from concourse B to A has a nice music and light show.
  4. It has a good sushi place
  5. The NW World Club in the B concourse was a great place ot relax or work.
  6. It has a Fudruckers.
  7. When you arrive in A from the B concourse, there is a often a 747 parked next to the widows and it is awesome. Heck, it's not too uncommon for there to be a bunch of 747s and A340s parked there.
  8. It's hard to get lost.
  9. The giant TV screens.
  10. It has a Taco Bell.


Anonymous said...

You don't know me, but I love your urban thought processes! And the fact that you live in the PacNW (from Salem, here). Anyway...did you have any luck finding out anything about Dave Wopat? At Western Oregon State in 1980 I thougth I had fallen in love, he was my attainable Dan Fogelberg! Well, it was not to be, but I sure would like another copy of his songs. I would prob laugh at how dated they are now and more than likely couldn't stand to listen to them!! Well anyway, enjoy our beautiful summer Mr Cromely :-)

Tina T said...

Hmm, Fudruckers, Popeye's, Taco Bell and sushi place. I'm beginning to see a pattern in what you like about the Detroit airport.

Mrs Sweetwater said...

You Must be kidding me...
dtw ? you mean the New NW Terminal.
because if you go to the Smith Terminal it's still a regular airport.

there's nothing to love about DTW, Trust Me.. It has been my homeport for a looooooong time, and I'm ret to go damn it.

Laura said...

Well, we are talking about Detroit here, so the emphasis on the food makes complete sense to me! (lol)

Cromely said...

@Anonymous: No luck with Dave Wopat, yet. I have the feeling that will fix itself one day

@Tina T: The right food at an airport makes a big difference. Delays and cross country flights do make one hungry. And besides, airport food doesn't have any calories because of the travel process, so that's something, too.

@RE Austkmt: I don't think I've been to the Smith Terminal in year. I know pre-McNamara (new NW Terminal), the airport was just a hole. Traveling through the NW terminal, though, is pretty nice. It's much better than DFW, IAD, or STL, and slightly better than ORD. Its not as nice as MSP, and I'm torn on comparing it to DEN.

@Laura: I get the sense the airport is all I really want to see of the city these days.

Anonymous said...

Do you still want info on Dave Wopat? He is married living in Maryland with 3 kids and a wife.

I have all the old music...he probably does too! You could look him up there and ask him.