Seattle Burger

A couple weeks ago I saw a story on Evening Magazine (or was it Northwest Backroads?) about the last of its kind XXX Root Beer Drive in. This place, located just off I-90 where Gilman BLVD meets Front ST is awesome.

The Issaquah location is one of only two left in then country, and they are both independent of one another.

If you are concerned about your health, cholesterol, or calories, you should probably skip this place. The burgers are huge and messy. The sides are big and fried. And the large root beer is just plain obnoxious.

Beyond the classic burger and milk shake style theme, this place is all about classic cars. They host different classic car events every weekend in the summer, and the interior walls are covered several layers thick in automotive memorabilia.

I opted for the Triple X Burger:

Old-fashioned juicy burger on our special fresh baked XXX bun: lots of beef, grilled onions, three cheeses, lettuce, tomato, pickles, mayo, XXX dressing & fries....$12.49

Here's what it looks like:

2009-07-03 XXX Burger (2)

It looks huge and it really is. It's not as difficult to eat as it looks, though. The bun is soft and the toppings are not piled so high you can't put it in your mouth. With a little determination, you can pick it up and consume it.

2009-07-03 XXX Burger (3)

If you like burgers, root beer, old cars, or diner food, check out XXX. They don't take credit cards, and they won't let you have a knife or fork.

Considering the number of napkins we went through, it's probably not a good place for a first date. But for the first date debrief with friends, it's a great choice.

Or if you want to eat one meal and not be hungry for 3 days, XXX is the answer.

2009-07-03 XXX Burger


ms/sss said...

That's just my cup of tea! I'd love this place, though for the bite or two of the hamburger that I would want, $12.49 would be a bit pricey for me.
I tried Cosmic a couple months ago, while I visited my daughter in Charleston, SC. It's one of the ten best hot dog stands in America. Great fun and delicious!
I'm your Mom's friend.

My Caddy said...

That is waaaaay too big of a burger. It's big enough to share with 4 people in my opinion!

A Lil Enchanted said...

Now that's a big burger!!!!! OMG!... looks delicious... I would have to eat half for lunch and the other half for dinner.

~A Lil Enchanted~

Dave said...

From an "I-5 Neighbor:"

You really got my attention with your Seattle Burger post. Living in the Portland area, I refer to:


frequently. They have a treasure trove of information on local Portland burgers. While it may be a bit of a drive to enjoy some of these, you may enjoy browsing.

Best regards,