Is your bottled water safe?

CNN asks this important question:

Is your bottled water safe?

It's an issue I've considered carefully. And the answer is, "yes."

I was worried at first. It was packed tightly with other bottles and at the supermarket. Now, the QFC on Broadway on Capital Hill in Seattle is a challenging place. It is filled with entertaining people and daily shoplifting reports. There is a security guard in there every night.

So I brought it home. It was risky, but we made it back.

Now it is sitting on the shelf in my refrigerator with 2" of space around it. It's not too far back so that it would freeze. It's not too far forward that it might fall off the shelf.

So I can say, without a doubt, that yes. My bottled water is safe. No harm shall come to it.

Thanks for checking, CNN.


Rebecca said...

Golly! This was such a pressing matter on my mind, now relieved! Thanks, CNN!

(Hey, at least a private company did this report, and it wasn't MORE taxpayer dollars going toward such "studies.")

yanjiaren said...

There was a big dumba dumba about Bottled water a while back so it's good to get the 'phew factor' from your blog post. Great stuff!

Bob said...

Ha Ha it's safe, but is it safe for you to drink?

Cromely said...

@Rebecca: I guess someone has to check.

@yanjiran: Thanks.

@Bob: Details, details.