Life in the Garden Part 25: Water, Water, Never There

The architects and builders who designed my apartment gave me a great out door space. But they also made the somewhat boneheaded move of not making any allowances for water (or power, but that's another matter).

To water the plants, I have a to make about 15-20 trips up and down a flight of stairs carrying my water can. It's more of a workout than I care to have, but the alternative was to raise a rock garden.

And those don't taste as good.

Last weekend I found a partial solution -- big jugs.

2009-06-27 Water (2)

I figured if I could stage water up there, I could avoid the trips. And I could carry a jug up there every time I went upstairs, avoiding special trips.

Now I have 38 gallons of water stored on my deck. That's four 7 gallon containers and two 5 gallon containers. The 7 gallon containers weigh about 60 pounds when full, which makes me glad I didn't get the 10 gallon ones.

It makes the whole watering process go a lot more quickly. Of course it also demonstrated the depressing fact that my plants drink more than 60 gallons of water a week.

I'm just glad it's not printer ink.


Sharkbytes said...

What a good idea, but you are really getting a workout on those jugs!

Will said...

Now you are a dedicated gardener. If it was me I would have figured out a way to get a hose from a window down to the garden. If that did not work, then I would sneak a hose over to the neighbor's in the middle of the night! hehe.

lina said...

60 pounds of weight is one hell of a workout!

schizoshrink said...

Go go go! ;)

Karen said...

Wow! I'll bet your calves will be firming up. Your plants are thankful, I am sure.