Shatner-Palooza: Political Poetry

What do Governor Palin and Elton John have in common?

It took William Shatner to truly bring life to their words.


Rob said...

I think that I prefer the svelte, healthier Shatner of yesteryear. He just doesn't look very healthy anymore.

storybeader said...

this was great! I knew you'd pick up on it! lol {:-D

ZAJA Natural said...

I don't know, but at least I can stand Elton Jon.

grouse.and.badger said...

That really was hysterical. Reminded me of the album he put out years ago.

*lynne* said...

Shatner does look a bit worrisome - is he really that short and pudgy, or is it just Conan O'Brien who is that tall and thin?

btw - The Shat did Palin's tweets last night :)

Cromely said...

@Rob: He's definitely well fed. He's not looking too bad for 78, though.

@storybeader: I'm just sorry I missed it live.

@ZAJA Natural: Palin-John woudl be an interesting 2012 ticket.

@grouse.and.badger: Has Been is one of my favorite albums.

@*lynne*: Yes. Conan is really tall and Shatner is really short. His short lived "Show Me the Money" game show didn't last long enough for him to dance all the weight off.