Life in the Garden Part 28: All in one

Gardening magazines often suggest putting multiple plants in one pot for design. That always looked sharp to me, but I was worried about crowding them and choking off the roots so I never did it until this year.

I finally tried it and I am thrilled with the results. I put a bunch of Basil, Thyme, and Lavender in a pot. Here's how it looked on 2009-05-30:

2009-05-30 Garden (7)

I gave watered it, cut back the Thyme when it got out of control and threatened to shade the others, and this is how it looked on Sunday, a month and a half later:

2009-07-19 Mixed Herb Pot (1)

2009-07-19 Mixed Herb Pot

2009-07-19 Mixed Herb Pot (2)

I am thrilled with the result. I've never gotten gotten Lavender to flower quite like this. And I'm amazed at how soft and downy the Thyme plants feel. The Basil is thriving, too.

The GF tells me that it kind of went a little crazy this week so I may be doing some pruning/harvesting this weekend when I get home. It's pesto time!

I'll definitely be doing more of this type of planting next year.


Stacie said...

The pots looks great! I don't have much of a green thumb.

Garden Gnome Wanderings said...

Your herbs are looking quite lovely. That sweet basil is a real beauty! I like the looks of them growing together which is what I do as well but in a 4' x 10' bed. Lavender is such a pretty plant too. I love the smell and it's edible too :)

Unknown said...

Gorgeous, I love fresh herbs.

Sandy said...

Very nice, what time's dinner...I love pesto!

I don't do too well with pots, back when I had a garden I had lots of herbs; then got away from that and just do flowers now...lots and lots of flowers.


Cromely said...

@Stacie: Thanks. This one has actually been fairly low maintenance.

@Garden Gnome Wanderings: I've grown lavender in doors for a couple years, but never got it to flower like this.

@dddiva: It's surprising the difference they make in the flavor. And the texture is so different from what I get in the store.

@Sandy: I have a few aesthetic plants, but I just can't get into flower gardening. They look fantastic, but some element of my personality insists that if I'm going to put that much effort into it, I want something out of it. Like food.