Time of day matters

Time of day is an important element in the context for our actions.

When the coffee shop barrista you've never met before tells you how much your order is and you hand her your hotel key:

AM: You are a harmless, uncaffeinated dorky guy who grabbed the wrong thing from his wallet.

PM: You are a creepy stalker guy extending an unwholesome invitation

(BTW, I was the AM guy. I don't want to meet the PM guy. Again.)


Unknown said...

Unless the PM guy is extremely cute, I don't want to meet him either ;)

Celeb Girlz said...

AM guy eh... hmmm...well, that's your story and you're sticking to it!

Mom said...


VetTech said...

Heee! Classic walk of shame story.

Cromely said...

@NicoleB: Noted.

@Cele Girlz: Consistency is the key to making a story stick

@Mom: Thanks.

@VetTech: Yeah. Without even the shame inspiring elements to make it worth while