Nissan Pathfinder thoughts

Last week when I landed at the Greenville, SC airport (GSP) Hertz didn't have any cards available with NeverLost (GPS navigation) so they upgraded me to an SUV. I drove out of the airport in Nissan Pathfinder, a mid-size SUV.

It's way more vehicle than I would typically need, but I like it.

The version I had featured a comfortable seat, well placed cupholders, and effective airconditioning. For a large vehicle, it handles surprisingly well. I had no trouble zipping in and out of parking spots. The blind spots weren't nearly as bad as you usually get with an SUV.

Since I had to drive from Clemon, SC, to Christiansburg, VA, I got to put it through its paces on the highway while I listened to the RadioLab on my MP3 player. It's a tall vehicle but I never felt like it would tip over. The stability was impressive.

The weird thing was that sometimes I would get in and discover that both the driver's and passenger's windows were rolled down. I'm not sure how it happened because I don't think I triggered it. It appeared to happen when I had been putting luggage in the back. I guess it's possible that if it's a certain temperature out and you open the tail gate for a certain amount of time, it lowers the wondows to cool things off. But it's kind of a weird feature. Or a bug.

So if you are looking for an SUV, the Pathfinder is worth some investigating.


brokenteepee said...

This is way off your post topic but the male person and the publicist would like to thank you for introducing them to the Pandora radio.

Cromely said...

@Pricilla: They're welcome. Always happy to share neat finds.