Network TV Planning is Hard

I'm certainly not shy about what I perceive as the idiocy of network executives who cancel awesome shows, but I do acknowledge that their jobs are hard.

But seriously -- 5 hours a week of Jay Leno in prime time this fall? That's not even trying.

So I looked at a bunch of great shows from the past few years and decided to schedule an awesome TV network. I did cheat a little on a few days at start prime time at 7:00 PM instead of 8:00 PM. Some of the shows have been off the air for a few years, others are clinging to the edge, and others are big hits.

I used the Google Calendar App as my work sheet for moving things around.

It's not a perfect schedule, but it's better than what the networks are doing.

How would you schedule a network?

19:00 -- Life
20:00 -- The Mentalist
21:00 -- CSI: Miami
22:00 -- CSI: New York

19:30 -- The Big Bang Theory
20:00 -- Chuck
21:00 -- Heroes
22:00 -- Pushing Daisies

19:00 -- Nanny 911 (Yeah, yeah, I know...)
20:00 -- How I Met Your Mother
20:30 -- Rules of Engagement
21:00 -- Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
22:00 -- CSI

19:00 -- Queer Eye for the Straight Guy
20:00 -- My Name is Earl
20:30 -- The Office
21:00 -- The Simpsons
21:30 -- Family Guy
22:00 -- Criminal Minds

19:00 -- New Amsterdam
20:00 -- Two and a Half Men
20:30 -- 30 Rock
21:00 -- Law and Order
22:00 -- Law and Order: SVU

19:00 -- Scrubs
19:30 -- Airline
20:00 -- NCIS
21:00 -- Dollhouse
22:00 -- Law and Order: Criminal Intent

19:00 -- Eureka
20:00 -- The Unit
21:00 -- Cold Case
22:00 -- The Closer

So there we have it. When do I get my cushy TV job?


Jan from BetterSpines said...

Not a bad line-up! I would add House to the list.

Wiggy said...

I'd be very impressed if that was my weekly tv viewing!

MamaFlo said...

I don't watch much television so I have never seen nor heard of some of your favorites but many of them I've seen and agree.
I used to watch more night time tv and stopped because the choice of the networks just wasn't appealing.

Celeb Girlz said...

Love the resurrection of "Studio 60" -- but let's not stop there - how about reviving the just killed "Boston Legal" plus going back further I think we need to get "Cheers" back on the air. Sam and Diane - the golden years, the thing writes itself.

brokenteepee said...

I am very sad they canceled The Unit. *sigh* I don't think we need NCIS LA

VetTech said...

The fact that you put Studio 60 on the list just made me one of your biggest fans! I loved that show and they were stupid and shorts ighted to cancel it.

I would have to add Nip/Tuck, Battlestar Galactica, The Amazing Race and Hell's Kitchen though ...

Auntie E said...

Not bad, a lot better than what's on now! I was just thinking today...do I really need Network TV stations...I have been so disappointed with the pre-amps and continuation movies. The Movies seem to lose their momentum half way through. So I Vote for your line-up. Your Hired.

grouse.and.badger said...

I'm really happy at Studio 60. You missed Burn Notice. I can't live without my Michael Weston. Not bad...

Cromely said...

@Jan form Better Spines: That one has been on the cusp for me. I like the show, but it just hasn't reached that level for me. I probably just need to spend more time with it. Maybe I could slot it on the summer hiatus schedule.

@Wiggy: Thanks.

@MamaFlo: Thanks. With Tivo, I'm practically making my own network anyway.

@Celeb Girlz: Studio 60 was really cut off way too soon. I didn't realize Boston Legal had even been canceled. Not sure how I missed that. Cheers maybe could use a few more seasons. I watch it now, though and it's just a little slow paced. But it doesn't seem as dated as I expected it would.

@Pricilla: I'm skeptical about NCIS LA, too. I'm not sure how well they will capture the feel of the show. I imagine it started out as just another terrorist hunting show but then the network decided to slap the NCIS brand on it to get some more attention. The pilot was interesting, but I just don't buy that the LA office, in an undercover warehouse, would have better technology than McGee has AT THE FRIGGIN' HEADQUARTERS!

@Vet Tech: Thanks. I thought a lot about adding BSG to the list, but I'm okay with it ending. It was an awesome show, but the story was over. I'm not sure I want to see them colonizing the Earth. Maybe as a new show or something, but I'm satisfied enough to leave it off the schedule. I want to see what Ron Moore does next.

@Auntie E: Thanks. I'll take that vote.

@grouse.and.badger: I've never actually seen Burn Notice, but I've heard good things about it. I'll have to check it out.