Travel and storms

It was around midnight when we spilled off the regional jet at the Savannah airport. I'm not sure why going to the Georgia coast in July seemed like a good idea. The three feet between the airplane door and the air conditioned jetway said, "Go home."

At most airports the mix of jet fuel, jet exhaust, and late passenger desperation combine to make their own potent cocktail. In Savannah, they didn't stand a chance against the dank scent of plant decay and swamp air laden with moisture so think your luggage gets we just because you carry it.

It was the end of a long day in the air and on the ground. 14 hours after checking in at SEA, I had my bag back in SAV and trundled out to the rental car.

The day started with a 2.5 hour weather delay in Seattle because of storms in Dallas. When I finally made it to the overcrowded, low ceilinged labyrinth that is the Dallas airport, I got my fist piece of good news -- the connection was delayed. But they didn't seem to know where to put it. Thus, I completed my triathlon training dragging carry on luggage to a different B-Gate every 5 minutes. A lunch of Twix and juice would have to be enough. And it would undo my triathlon training.

But eventually I did make it into the moist city of Savannah. Cars were strewn about the hotel parking lot, popped up on random curbs as people sought anyplace they could find to stash their car. All the locals checked in to the hotel because of a blackout. But the hotel honored my reservation, and at 1:00 AM, that's all I can ask. They gave me the weirdest hotel room I've ever had, but that's a tale for another day.

So there's not much point to this post, other than to point out Savannah is wet even when it doesn't rain, and to play with language a bit. I imagine I'll have a much more favorable opinion of the town after a few hours sleep.


none said...

And...if you are unfortunate enough to be in a room that is not air conditioned, you will find that it is virtually impossible to towel dry after a shower. I hate the humidity with the heat down South. And...every piece of lawn bigger than 3 square feet sounds like it is about to rise up and eat you.

Auntie E said...

Hopefully the electric came on fast. I like Savannah, but the summer can be humid. Been there with the planes. Three weeks ago we sat in the airport of 3 hours pass the time of departure and when the plane finally arrived we had to sprint to a gate miles down and airport corridor. Then just to wait another 30 minuter til the storms passed other. That put us into Denver after midnight and the plane was not even on the marquis as arriving. Oh those summer storms! Glad you made it safe.

Cromely said...

@Doug Kueffler: I love that description of the lawn. That's awesome. The sound of he crickets/cicadas at the airport alone was mind boggling. Are they living in the asphalt?

@Autie E: It's definitely and occupational hazard. Delays are common with the summer storms. And the Winter snows. And what ever else they throw at us in the Spring and Fall. Denver's not a bad airport at least. It's nice and spacious. There are much worse airports to be stuck in.