"The Closer" on its way out?

I just got into "The Closer" last year. And it's a shame to think the show may be on its way out.

Kyra Sedgwick plays Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson of the LAPD, and recent Atlanta transplant. The character's commanding presence lurks just beneath her slight frame, gentle accent, and unerring politeness. Underestimated by many, Johnson control her squad with a tight grip.

I like how the squad is a mix of people with different levels of experience and skill. Johnson job is not just to find criminals. She's also a manager. She has to deal with budgets, employee development, discipline, and the other miscellaneous stuff that goes along with being a boss. It's the stuff that most shows skip over and is refreshing to see.

We also get to see Johnson as flawed (or normal) person. She struggles with her own personal issues at home and her compulsive snacking. She spends most of her day slightly overwhelmed, but gets through it with determination and tight focus on what she needs to do.

The other members of the cast are great too, but the one that really struck me was G. W. Bailey who play Lt. Provenza. He seemed familiar, but I just thought it was because he was playing the close-to-retirement-cop archetype. It turns out Bailey was also part of the M*A*S*H ensemble. He play Sgt Rizzo of the 4077th motor pool. Nice to seem him get promoted.

So why do I say the show is on it's way out? Charlie/Charlene. This character joins this rather dubious list.

Cousin Oliver (Brady Bunch)
Olivia (Cosby)
Cousin Pam (Cosby)
Andrew (Family Ties)
Sam (Dif'rent Strokes)
Chrissy and Luke (Growing Pains)

Like many shows before, The Closer has added a new kid to the cast to bring in additional story lines. Since it is a drama, The Closer may escape the dreaded Oliver effect, but seeing this new kid on the show makes me very nervous.


Rebecca said...

I like the show too. It seems we live in such a restless world and not too many shows stick around for too long anymore.

none said...

Kyra Sedgwick simply HAS to be one of the sexiest women on television. Oh, the program? It's pretty good.

Sandy said...

Too bad, I do occassionally watch this show and enjoy it. Hubby likes the show too. Seems to me all the better shows are the ones that don't make it, while stupid TV reins...guess that why I don't watch much TV. I find stupid TV annoying.


Ask Ms Recipe said...

Its a shame to see such a good show may be canceled. It seems like about the time you start enjoying a show its gone.

Cromely said...

@Rebecca: It seem like we are getting more, short-lived great shows balanced against lots of junk. We used to get just a lot of average programming.

@Doug Kueffler: It all in the attitude. She has a surprisingly well-rounded character.

@Sandey: I keep finding new fans of this show.

@Ask Ms Recipe: The programs have got to stop adding new kids. It never goes well.