Life in the Garden Part 31: More than plants

Outdoor space is great for things other than plants.

On Saturday, The GF soaked about 6 pounds of chicken breast (I stocked up at a sale) in a marinade that featured Rosemary from the garden, and other assorted kitchen magic and then threw them on the grill.

It was a feast for all five senses.

The smell from rapidly cooking chicken and billow of smoke was fantastic.

The sizzle of meat on hot metal is something you don't get with the microwave.

The flames that burst forth from the gas grill were awesome.

The propane canister got really cold as we got towards the end.

And, of course, the taste was fantastic when served with a salad that included fresh Tomatoes, Basil, and parsley.

Here's a boring video where meat meets metal.


Mom's Cafe Home Cooking said...

Ah the joys of summertime! I think you forgot to add smell-o-vision to the vide :) I'll bet the chicken tasted great though. Isn't it wonderful to use so many great foods from the garden?

The GF said...

You're my favorite. :)

yanjiaren said...

Oh looks like you had a great time and the food..yummy. I am so glad to visit you again. I couldn't login to my blog for days so I was miserable. Nice to know you are into sustainable living too..Great work.

Cromely said...

@Mom's Cafe Home Cooking: The smell-o-vision conflicts with AdBlock.

@The GF: Awwwww

@yanjiaren: It was mighty tasty and we grilled enough to last the week.