Victoria Part 02: Ferry Rides

2009-08-26 Ferry Trip (14)

Victoria is only 80 miles from Seattle, but for that short distance, it can be a pain to get to. Damn water.

Now that the GF has her passport, we headed up there a few days ago. There are several choices for the journey.

You can take the Victoria Clipper from downtown Seattle if you don't want to bring a car and want to spend almost $300 (for two people).

You can drive 2.5-3 hours to Vancouver, BC and catch one of a number of different ferry options.

You can take a ferry out to the Olympic Peninsula and then catch another ferry from Port Townsend to Victoria.

You can fly.

Or you can do what we did. I think we found the best combination of convenience, cost, and time.

2009-08-26 Ferry Trip (4)

We left Seattle at 4:30 AM and drove about an hour to Anacortes. We left plenty of time in case something went wrong, but nothing did. We got to the ferry terminal at about 5:45 AM and waited in line for the 8:15 AM sailing. The ferry ride took just over 2 hours and let us off in Sydney, BC, about 20 minutes from our hotel in downtown Victoria.

2009-08-26 Ferry Trip (23)

The great thing about the ferry ride, besides being beautiful is that once we were on the boat I didn't have to do anything, like make sure my car stayed in it's lane. I could just relax and take some pictures. And it's a heck of a lot more comfortable than flying anywhere in coach.

2009-08-26 Ferry Trip (17)

The roundtrip cost for the ferry was about $130 for two people plus the car. And Canadian customs/immigration was a breeze.

You can see more pictures from the ferry trip here.

2009-08-26 Ferry Trip (5)


Jackie said...

What wonderful pictures you got of everything. It sounds and looks as if the 2 of you had a great time.

I too need to work on getting my passport. My hubby has been after me now for a year.

We both love Canada and think it is beautiful too!!

I hope you have a great week!!

Daisy said...

Oh that sounds like lots of fun!

Petula said...

Those are amazing pictures.

Tina Kubala said...

Of all the things I miss in Western Washington, I'm homesick for ferry rides the most.