Red Bicsuit

A couple days ago I described a dining experience at a Red Lobster. Those opposed to chain, casual dining may be appalled at the very idea of going there. Why would I, a fan of Food Network go there?

The biscuits.

Their cheesey, garlicy biscuits are warm and crumbly and fill with some mad scientist's updated version of heroin. They feel good and they taste event better. I could go there and just eat bowl after bowl of this dense, yet fluffy goodness.

They should just drain the lobster tank, and send back the shrimp. They don't need any of that stuff. Just the biscuits.

You know what's even better? The biscuits are FREE! Well, not quite, but they come with your meal. You get an unlimited number of these golden nuggets of taste.

When my entree does come, I try to pace myself. I don't want to fill up on linguine or scampi when there are biscuits begging to be consumed.

At Red Lobster it's all about the biscuits for me. They can skip the seafood.

Well, maybe not entirely the biscuit. It's 90% about the biscuit, 9% about the Caesar Salad (surprisingly awesome) and 1% about the shrimp.

I'd say you could skip the meat and just gorge on biscuits and salad and call it a vegetarian meal, but I don't know what they put in those biscuits. They may have made them using unicorn stock or something similar. Or pork fat, which we know makes everything better. When I encounter something that tastes really good, I just assume pork fat is involved in some way.

They should just do what their sister chain Olive Garden does (both companies are owned by Darden Foods) who offers a Soup, Salads, and Breadsticks option on its menu. Red Lobster should just have an option on the dinner menu for unlimited biscuits, Caesar Salad, and chowder.

Okay, I don't really care about chowder. The line just felt like it needed a third item.

I'd been thinking of going to Red Lobster for about a week. Then I read this discussion thread on Fark. And I had to have my biscuits.

The discussion stared with an article comparing the likely diets and hunting styles of Neanderthals and Homo sapiens. It quickly transitioned into a discussion on the nature of species interbreeding, some commentary on creationism, early human habitat, casual dining, and, of course, biscuits.

I sometimes wonder why I read Fark. It can be a huge time sink. But then I see a bizarre threads like this one. Yes, much of the material is juvenile. And much of it will offend many people for any number of reasons. But there are some intelligent posts in the discussion threads. I sometimes learn things.

And there are moments of pure brilliance, like this one:

It's pretty easy to make a decent approximation of those biscuits yourself, you know. It's just baking mix with some cheese mixed in and brushed with a mixture of melted butter and garlic powder.

Pocket Ninja:
Yes, but making them at home just isn't the same. At Red Lobster, you can chew the doughy goodness and close your eyes and almost hear, in the back of your mind, the distant clang of the lighthouse bell and low moan of the trawler's foghorn. Then you can cross the parking lot and go into the Olive Garden and finish off the experience with a lovely Rocca delle Macie Rubizzo. At home, you're just stuck with a doughy, cheesy mixing bowl and the dusty echoes of your lone footsteps pacing through the kitchen.

So there we go -- a post with four things I like.

  • Red Lobster Biscuits.
  • Red Lobster Caesar Salad.
  • Olive Garden Breadsticks.
  • Fark.


Lola said...

I love their biscuits too, but eating there just isn't in the budget.

Google search "copycat recipes red lobster biscuits" and you'll find recipes. It's been so long since I've had one I'm actually considering trying the CD Kitchen recipe.

Sheila said...

You are so right about the biscuits!

If they had a 3 item like Olive Garden maybe it could be: Biscuits, Cesar Salad and your choice of bottomless beverage.

I'm just sayin'...

Rob said...

You know that those biscuits are loaded with hydrogenated oils, right? Same with the breadsticks at OG. I used to love them, but then read a book about the dangers of hidden trans fats in foods and haven't had one since.

Sandi said...

I love those biscuits too. I never got why people are so bothered by eating at a chain restaurant. I love food network...I love good food and great cooking but I also like going out to a restaurant I can afford with four kids and kicking back and relaxing on occasion without having to cook. Oh and Olive Garden is my fave. :)

Jackie said...

Wow you made my mouth water. i don't have one close by. But, now I will have to make some myself for dinner.

I know they won't be as good but you have me craving them!

SingleGuyMoney said...

I love the biscuits at Red Lobster. I don't like seafood but whenever someone wants to go there, all I can think about are the biscuits. I could eat several baskets on my own.

Lynne said...

I LOVE their biscuits! I like your idea of a biscuit, salad and chowder combo. Hopefully those with the power at Red Lobster will be reading your blog and agree that this is an excellent suggestion!

Becki said...

Now I want the biscuits too. And I've made them before, but I definitely like eating them better when someone else makes them.

Cromely said...

@Lola: I've heard that. We'll have to give it a try soom.

@Sheila: If they did that I don't think I would ever leave.

@Rob: But Trans Fats are so tasty. They are the miracle of the modern age. I wonder if you can deep fry trans fat...

@Sandi: Chains can be a great choice, but they are the middle ground between the Mom and Pop shop and the fine dining. And Pop Culture rarely respects anything in the middle. We like the extremes. When I go on vacation, I prefer to avoid chains. Then I want something I can't get at home. I want to know I'm eating somplace unique to the area. When I travel on business, I value the chains becuase they're really simple. I know what I'm getting with no stress and little thought. And the food can be awesome.

@Shinade: Good luck getting/finding them.

@Singe Guy Money: Exactly.

@Lynne: Maybe I can get a consulting gig.

@Becki: The best part is no dishes to do.