Jason Alexander for the McDLT

I was at work event with some college students last month. I made joke about the McDLT and they just stared at me. It was one of those moments that made me feel old. So of course I felt the need to discuss it on Facebook. In that discussion, Brian from Q'ner Industries sent me this link:

It's a mid-80, thin, pre-Costanza Jason Alexander singing and dancing while extolling the virtues of this awesome and too short lived McDonald's sandwich.

And I think, "Keep the hot side hot, and cool side cool" is one of the best tips for living your life to come out of a fast food commercial.


Jon Clarke said...

The ban on styrofoam packaging killed the Mc D.L.T. They just couldn't do it with wax paper.

I know Jason Alexander came from theater which explains the dancing. Nothing can explain that toupee.

Eddie Garcia said...

I've been around for a long time but I do not recall that commercial and I thought I've seen them all. Thanks for the share and the memories.

Friends 4 Life!

Cromely said...

@Jon Clarke: That styrofoam ban was such a crock. Public outrage built on misunderstandings.

@EddieGarcia: Glad I (or Youtube) could take you back.