Life in the Garden Part 32: Onion

The harvest is really coming in now. I've already pulled in 10-15 pounds of tomatoes, and can probably double that in the next few weeks. I've been lucky there.

The surprise came from my Bunching Onions. I started from seed and planted them in a small terra cotta pot. I figured I'd get some scallions or maybe some tiny pearl onions. Here's the pot in June:
There's only two or three plants in there so I didn't expect much. I pulled one out last weekend and found this:

The GF used both the leaves and bulb in a dinner. I guess I'll try growing more of them next year.


Spencey said...

Impressive. My spring onions didn't come up at all this year. I think the birds must have eaten the seeds. Yours look tasty though!

Hitesh Rawat said...

hey....i like spring onions.....its bad.....spencey's onions were eaten by birds or smthing......

but yea...you know how to grow them...its looking good.....

can i have some.....

woo hoo.....\,,,/

Jackie said...

Oh I love fresh green onions. I love onions period. It's a good thing my hubby does too and we've been together so long!!

Wow your garden has really does well!! Good for you.

My hubby retires in less than 2 years and we plan on planting about 1/2 acre.

He grew up on a farm so he knows all about it. We fill very fortunate to have enough room to plant a garden this size.

We hope to grow almost everything we need. What we can't eat fresh we will freeze or can.

We also live way out and are governed by the county. So if this economy continues to fall we can raise our own beef and a pig, and have chickens for both eating and laying fresh eggs.

His parents raised nine children on a farm and when grocery shopping day came it was use to purchase basic staples only.

They bought coffee, sugar, flour, and yes a bag of candy for the kids to share.

Keep up the good work and definitely yes plant more onions!! they are also very good for the old ticker!!:-)))

Bring Back Pluto said...

We didn't plant any onions, but hopefully next year.

But overall it's been a great year for gardens!!

And letting my kids play with the slugs was priceless.

Bring back Pluto