No Rock and Roll! No Rock and Roll!

The wild and the young
They all have their dreams
The wild and the young
They've got to be free

The sun never sets
For souls on the run
The wild and the young

In Queens, NY, in the mid-eighties we could not get cable (thank you, Donald Manes) and therefore had no MTV. But we did have U68, a UHF channel that broadcast music videos over the air.

That's where I first saw Quiet Riot's "The Wild and the Young." It's about a near-future fascist state that attempts to stamp out rock music and control the county's youth.

I don't recall if I liked it because of the rebellious attitude or because of the sheer silliness of it, but it quickly became one of my favorites.

It's awesome.

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Anonymous said...

When I moved to NM in 2001, they did not have cable either. It was beyond weird.