You're flight is probably delayed...

...if the engine is open

2008-03-10 N775AS Alaska 737-400 at SEA Engine open (1)

They switched us to another aircraft and we left SEA about 40 minutes late. No big deal.

I did make it to Phoenix and the Hampton Inn in Scottsdale. It's one of the biggest Hamptons I stay in, and is on of my three preferred PHX area hotels. The others are the Embassy Suites on Rural Road and the Tempe Mission Palms in downtown Tempe. Where I stay depends alot on rates, availability, and where my event is.

I know this is an easy hotel to sleep in because I can hear my neighbor snoring.


AVCr8teur said...

I guess you're lucky if snoring is all you hear.

Cromely said...

Yes. I've heard some disturbing things in years past when the travel budget only allowed Best Westerns.