Seattle and Clouds

With all the triple-digit temperatures Seattle has had this week, some residents may have forgotten that we sometimes get clouds. This is a reminder.

The GF lounged on the deck this weekend while I tended to plants. She asked to play with the camera and shot these images of clouds. I haven't done any post production processing to them.

She shot them with my K10D Digital SLR with the 18-55mm kit lens with a polarizer. A few were at 70mm with my zoom lens before she asked for the other.

2009-07-25 Clouds

2009-07-25 Clouds

2009-07-25 Clouds

You can find more pictures here.


Cathy M said...

Good shots, you've got some competition there.

Amy Lilley Designs said...


Poetic Shutterbug said...

Dark, haunting and beautiful.

The Holleys said...

The sky shots are beautiful!

Cromely said...

@Cathy M: Apparently. I better keep and eye on my equipment.

@Amy Lilley Designs: She done good.

@Poetic Shutterbug: I had no idea they would come out like that.

@The Holleys: I like the plane in particular.