Hampton Inn Bedhead Contest

I'm a Hilton Diamond member. Basically, it means I spend so much time in Hilton properties (Hampton Inn, Doubletree, Embassy Suite, Hiltons, Homewood, etc) that they give me extra points -- which I can then redeem to spend more nights in Hilton properties, only this time on my day off. And for some reason, I consider this a good deal.

Have you seen the Hampton Inn Commercials?

All I want is a room some where
A great escape from the ordinary
Is it wrong that I get that song stuck in my head at random intervals during the day?

To promote their new bedding, Hampton is running commercials and a contest celebrating bedhead. One commercial features a family running into some punk rockers at the beach.

You can go to http://www.hamptonbedheads.com/ and register for daily give aways of t-shirts and $150 prizes and the chance to win $5,000. And you don't have to travel to do it.

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