A truly heart warming tale of the internet



If you have seen this story already, some guy's friend lost her sidekick (fancy cell phone). The person who acquired it (allegedly bought of a subway platform for $50 and thought for some reason it might be legitimate) refused to return it.

Fortunately, there person who lost it still had access to the data and pictures. They posted the information on line, and now people around the world are responding.

This is a beautiful story of the internet and the power it gives to people to right a wrong.

It's also a powerful statement about how important our rapidly diminishing first amendment rights are. Even outside of protecting ourselves from excessive governmental interference, simply telling our stories is a right not to be taken for granted.

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe how I was sucked into all that! This is crazy!

Why should peole be afraid to stand up for themselves?
Why do people have to automatically threaten physical violence?
Why have I spent almost an hour on reading this?!

I am glad the phone was returned and the outcome of all of this will be a charity gets some money.