I'm sure you remember Brent Spiner from Star Trek: The Next Generation. He played the lovable, learning, and literate android Commander Data. He was a fan favorite through the 7 year run of the series, 2 bad movies, 1 decent one, and one great movie.

We followed him through great episodes, and truly terrible ones such as when his head turned up 19th century San Francisco. What? You don't think that was a bad episode? It featured Mark Twain lurking behind corners and spying on the Enterprise crew. In 19th century San Francisco.

Where Brent Spiner really got to cut loose was on episodes where he played his own evil twin brother, Lor.

His performances even inspired an organization of stalkers called the Spiner-Fems. They are featured in the movie "Trekies." The leader describes how she bought a house on the other side of a hill from where Brent Spiner lives. Now she can sit out on her porch and look at the hill and think about Brent on the other side.

But Brent, along with Patrick Stewart have both had great success post-Star Trek.

When Brent chooses his roles these days, he tries to choose roles that are as un-Data-like as possible. They're all just a little crazy, slightly creepy, and a tiny bit evil.

The reason I've een thinking about Brent's career is he popped up on an episode on "Mad About You" playing an animal agent who takes an interest in Murry's career after Paul uses him in a commercial. The tiny pony tail Brent sports puts the character over the top.


Jon Clarke said...

Which movie was decent? Insurrection?

Punk Penguin said...

FIRST CONTACT! that was the decent movie.

Punk Penguin said...

hope you don't mind but i posted a link to this page and your egg joke page on my blog. those egg jokes just cracked me up. er. whatever.