Reason #257 I'm glad I'm a guy

My girlfriend's former roommate is getting married next weekend, and my girlfriend is in the wedding party.

Over the past few month, she has probably spent about 8-10 hours dealing with the requisite clothing. There's shopping for the dress, shopping for the shoes, having the dress hemmed, shopping for a mathcing handbag, and shopping for some sort of undergarment she tried to explain to me but I still have no idea about. And she is probably has several hundred dollars invested now.

When I was Jon's best man in April 2004, I spent 10 minutes at the Men's Warehouse in Seattle getting fitted for my tux. I then spent 20 mintues in Chicago picking up my tux. The reason that part was longer was I went there with Jon and his father, so the store had a little bit of a rush.

Grand tolal -- $70.21
-- 30 minutes

(That includes shoes)

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