Are you raising a bunch of brats?

An interesting article about how society might be ready to rise up against unruly children and apathetic parents.

Are you raising a bunch of brats?
By VIRGINIA ANDERSON - Cox News Service -

ATLANTA — A road-weary Jane Kitson pulled into a motel parking lot in Florida one steamy night last month, hoping for nothing more than a quiet room, a fluffy pillow and an air conditioner that could suck the heat out of a hot summer night.

She knew there’d be trouble, however, as soon as the headlights from her Chevy Malibu glowed on the motel swimming pool. ‘‘There were 40, 50 kids in there,’’ said Kitson. ‘‘I knew the place was going to be overrun with them.’’

At 9:15 p.m., a pack of 7-year-old boys were still running sprints in the hallway, Kitson said. ‘‘And the parents were sitting on the floor, drinking beer and wine coolers acting like everything was OK.’’

Within minutes, Kitson took matters into her own hands.‘‘I came out and said, ‘Attention, everyone in the hallway who thinks this is a public playground, it’s time to go to your rooms and be quiet,’’’ said Kitson, a mother of two and an educational consultant based in Lawrenceville, Ga. ‘‘ ‘And if you don’t, I’m going to call the police.’’’

The parents’ response: ‘‘How dare you.’’

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Jon Clarke said...

I hate parents. A little more than I hate people. The fact that parents are people just pushes me into the red.