Paris Hilton: Paris Hilton - biography part 1

According to a Paris Hilton Biography Blog of uncertain origin, Paris Hilton's aunt was one of the kids in Escape to Witch Mountain.

As I racall, that was an awesome movie. Of course I was under 10, but I still wanted to join those kids.

Interestingling enough, the Hilton blog implies that Kyle Richards was also in that movie, though IMDB.com disagrees.

Paris Hilton: Paris Hilton - biography part 1: "On the maternal side of her family, Hilton is a niece of two popular child stars of the 1970s - Kim Richards and Kyle Richards, who appeared in the motion picture Escape to Witch Mountain and TV shows like Nanny and the Professor, Little House on the Prairie, and later, ER. By marriage, she also is related to Zsa Zsa Gabor (the Hungarian-born actress married Paris Hilton's great-grandfather Conrad Hilton) as well as Elizabeth Taylor (the actress's first husband was Paris Hilton's great-uncle, Conrad Nicholson Hilton Jr.)."

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