Shatner-palooza: Ego

I was going to write about how World War III started a couple weeks ago but the mainstream media fails to grasp that fact. Either that or what I'm eating in Vegas.

But instead, I'll just post this link I got from Jon. The author had a lot of spare time and really hates the Star Trek movie where a Vulcan steals the Enterprise to go find God. It really is a terrible movie. But still not as bad as Star Trek: Nemesis.


Some Quotes:

When it came out theatrically, some friends and I went to see it on opening night. Needless to say, the theater was Nerd Central. As the film went along, I noticed that the movie, to be generous, sucked.


Nimoy enjoyed great success as the director of Star Trek III: The Search for Spock and Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (the "whale" one, most successful of the Star Trek movies). This allowed him the opportunity to helm the blockbuster Three Men and a Baby, which for years remained the most successful Hollywood comedy ever. Shatner decided that it was his turn to direct a movie, and refused to sign up for the fifth Star Trek film unless he was allowed to direct. So it came to be, with Shatner co-writing the film as well. Star Trek V: The Final Frontier proved to be a disaster, garnering the worst reviews of the series and one of the lowest box office takes as well. In fact, had it not followed the hugely successful Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, it almost certainly would have done worse, perhaps killing the film series


Ignoring Nimoy’s advice to take it down a notch, Shatner’s body language eventually became so violent that he managed to dislodge his world-famous toupee, sending it winging through the air like some hairy divot. Unsurprisingly, the assembled extras broke out laughing. Shatner then retaliated by firing them!

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