The Gambling Report

2006-07-11: Started with $20 in the Terminator 2 Slot Machine. Quit with $39.60. +19.60

It's a really fun slot machine. Especially when I was winning. There's a fun bonus game that requires quick action and luck. It actually gets kind of scary and tense.

2006-07-12: Started with $20 in the Used Car Salesman SLot machine. Quit with nothing. -$20.00

What was I thinking? It's themed on a used car salesman.

2006-07-13: Started with $20 in the same T2 slot machine from earlier in the week. It was gone in 20 minutes. -$20.00

Next I went the the Black Jack tables. I started with $80. After 15 minutes and one shoe, I had $140. At one point I was up to $180. But at the $140 mark, I decided to quit. +$60.00.

Overall result: +$39.60

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