What is this thing called funny?

Meatloaf is a funny word. It's a very funny word. It's a Harvey-Korman-acting-in-a-sketch-with-Tim-Conway funny word.

Why is it funny? Is it a comfortable home lounge chair that makes people let down their guard and chuckle? Does it bring back happy childhood memories? Or more bizarre memories that require laughter to survive?

Is it the sound of the word? Normally funny words have a "k" in them. That's why they're funny. Words like kludge, joke, karate, Kafka, and klown. It's why Milk is funnier than Margerine. It's why Kirk is funnier than Archer. And why Kirkuk is funnier than Mosul.

But meatloaf doesn't have a K. And it's still funnier than Duck L'Orange. Salad is also an unfunny word. And now we have proof.

Recently we posted 3 new films as www.playcole.com. The three films are:

As of right now, 19 people watched Salad; 23 people watched Meatloaf; 16 people watched Duck L'Orange.

When people are looking for humor, the choose Meatloaf over Salad and Duck. I feel bad for the Duck.

Regardless, watch all 3. There 30 seconds each.

Lunching with Larry: Salad

Lunching with Larry: Meatloaf

Lunching with Larry: Duck L'Orange

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