Cops and Deputies not doing so well

I'm in San Diego for the NECC trade show, but here's what's happening in Seattle.

How do we know this is a Seattle story? It involves protests, bicycles, hurt feelings, and, though not mentioned in the article, union issues.

Apparenly, the sheriff's department keeps touching the police department, and won't stay on its side of the back seat.

Police frictions flare in cityDeputies' arrests of bicyclists fuel Seattle officers' resentment


Long-simmering tensions over jurisdictional issues between Seattle police officers and King County deputies are beginning to boil over in the aftermath of last week's highly public and controversial arrests in Belltown of two bicyclists by undercover county deputies.

Simply put, Seattle Police Officers' Guild President Rich O'Neill said Wednesday, King County deputies should "leave the city to Seattle police."

"The argument is they're county deputies and the city is in the county, so they have jurisdiction," O'Neill said. "But there's always been a gentlemen's agreement."

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