A different Perspective

Recently, the Senate failed to pass a bill that, along with other elements, would have raised the minimum wage and cust the estate tax. It seemed like a decent comprpomise, though I haven't done my due dilligence on that to verify hit.

What's interersting, though, is how the two daily, mainstream newspapers in Seattle covered the story.

From the Seattle Post Intelligencer:

Estate tax cut dies for now

'Tip credit' provision pushes Murray, Cantwell to vote no

WASHINGTON -- After days of heavy lobbying from all sides, Sens. Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell on Thursday voted against advancing a bill that would cut estate taxes for the wealthy, worried that the complex measure would bloat an already large deficit and cut wages of workers in Washington state who rely on tips for part of their income.

From the Seattle Times:

Minimum-wage boost defeated

By The Associated Press and The Washington Post

WASHINGTON — A Republican election-year effort to combine a cut in inheritance taxes on multimillion-dollar estates with the first minimum-wage increase in nearly a decade was rejected by the Senate late Thursday.

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