"I've got a [beep] feeling it could be [beep] bunnies"

My flight back from PHX was delayed last week. With a few hours to kill in the airport (BTW -- avoid using that phrase in the airport. The TSA are there for you protection, afterall) I wanted to listen to my Ipod.

Yes, I am a frequent flyer. That means I travel in uniform. On a plane I'm usually wearing the official, mandatory Frequent Flyer head gear -- a pair of Bose Quiet Comfort 2 Noise Cancelling head phones.

I hooked them up to my Ipod and hit play. Every few seconds, though, I heard a beep. At first I was afraid something had gone wrong with my Ipod or head phones. Both situations would be bad.

Then I looked out the window and saw the rotating airfield radar. The top part spins around to blast the surrounding country side with radio waves. Each time it pointed at me, however, I heard the beep.

I intially though that was kind of cool. I could hear the radar. My equipment wasn't broken. Then it got annoying. They I started to think I shouldn't listen because this radar is busy microwaving everyone in the terminal. I was about to shut down my MP3s when it occurred to me that maybe -- just maybe -- my music wasn't contolling the system, and that even if I stopped listening it would still turn me into an El Monterey Chimichanga.

So I switched to soundtracks and decided to just be annoyed. I'm good at that.

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