Nah, there's no anti-Bush bias at the Daily News

Big storm's not over for Bush


President Bush visits with Biloxi residents after delivering speech.

WASHINGTON - A year after Hurricane Katrina, President Bush is still grappling with his administration's feeble response to the storm that devastated the Gulf Coast and ultimately crippled his presidency.

I think it's a little early to describe it as "crippled."

Bush and his cronies [emphasis added] have suggested that Mississippi and its GOP governor have done a good job doling out relief aid while the Democratic leaders in Louisiana play catchup.

However, politics aside, people blame Bush for the failures after Katrina. A new CNN poll shows Bush's response to Katrina rates lower now than it did in the month following the storm - 64% of Americans disapprove of Bush's handling of Katrina, a nearly 10-point jump from a poll taken last September.

Once you describe members of the administration and presidential aides as "cronies" I don't think you can really put "politics aside" in a news article. Maybe in an editorial, but not in a standard piece of reporting.

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