The Opposite of Slow Motion

Slow Motion instant replay is a staple of professional sports and entertainment. It's a critical to to understanding the details of an event.

Sometimes, though, you have speed up an event to really see what's happening. These two videos I originally found on www.fazed.net demonstrate that.

For the Gestation Project, Matt Pressnall took a picture of his wife Carlin every other day of her pregnancy. The result is a 30 second video that shows how her body changed over 9 month. It is currently number 39 on Google Video, and it is safe for work.

For this next video, you will have to follow the link to atom films.

Artist Ahree Lee took a picture of her own face everyday from November 2001 until sometime in 2004. She compiled those photos into a 2:34 video so you can wathc her change/age over time. She continues to take daily pictures.

Me -- Ahree Lee

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